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Increases the plants ability to absorb the nutritive
elements in the soil. Optimizes mineral fertilization.

ACTIWAVE is extraordinarily unique and innovative for enhancing the absorption
of nutrients in the soil and optimizes their use in the plant.
The exclusive formula is protected by a European patent application.

Directions for use

Phenomic approach

Phenomic tests with ACTIWAVE were performed at Valagro @ PHENOlab Research Center by using the Lemnatec Scanalyzer 3D digital measurement station. TARGET: to evaluate the improvement in the digital biomass and root uptake in limiting growth conditions like the presence of hard water, after treating plants with ACTIWAVE, compared to untreated test.

CROP:Tomato cv. Ikram;
TRIAL CONDITIONS:cylinders for phenomic analysis;
APPLICATIONS: 12 and 22 days post transplant.

1. RGB ( Red – Green – Blue ) Digital Biomass


2. NIR ( Near Infrared ) Water Uptake Index

Plants treated with Actiwave have shown an increment in the digital biomass (+10%) compared to the untreated test. NIR results highlight an improved root uptake in the plants treated with Actiwave, as suggested by the decrease of water level in the cylinders, with reference to the water colour scale.

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