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Increases and standardizes fruit size into larger size classes without altering the consistency and shelf life of fruits.

BENEFIT PZ is a natural product developed for increased weight and greater uniformity of fruits. If applied from the start of flowering, stimulates cell division and distension, therefore, increasing the number and dimension of cells in each individual fruit.
BENEFIT PZ shows synergetic effects in combination with MC CREAM with a double effect on cell division and expansion.

Directions for use

benefit pz + mc cream:
a stimulating SYNERGY

The capability of MC CREAM to stimulate cell expansion is a versatile aspect that completely fits with the function of the use of BENEFIT PZ. One of the characteristics of BENEFIT PZ is the capability to increase cell division stimulating cytokinesis, thus inducing an increase in the number of cells produced in each unit of time. Consequently, in the treated fruits we find a higher number of cells, which after the successive cell distension process produces larger fruits. This represents an effective solution for fruit enlargement in a totally natural way.

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