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Improves vegetative-productive balance.

Supports balanced plant growth for an optimized production load well supported by an adequate vegetative development.
MC EXTRA is a readily and totally soluble concentrate in microgranules formulation based on active biomolecules extracted from the algae Ascophyllum Nodosum.
The biologically active ingredients ensure while maintaining optimal, balanced production.

Directions for use


The investigation at metabolome level (on soybean) showed that MC EXTRA showed a higher level (significance level α=0,05) vs UTC of metabolites linked to the biosynthesis of amino acids and carbohydrates, that are linked to several actions showed in the figure below.

MC EXTRA showed the capability to stimulate the production of metabolites linked to the production of amino acids as hormone precursors and regulators of nitrogen uptake. The product is also responsible for the stimulation of the production of carbohydrates that are linked to cell wall biosynthesis, cell-to-cell communication, and storage and transport of plant hormones.

MC EXTRA showed also effective in modulating hormonal balance (auxins/cytokinins ratio).

The product acts by downregulating the compounds linked to the biosynthesis of auxins:
• S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine (SAH): -3 vs control;
• (indol-3-yl) pyruvate: -4 vs Control;

and upregulating the compounds linked to the biosynthesis of cytokinin:
• ciszeatin riboside monophosphate: +3 vs Control;
• dihydrozeatin-9-N-glucoside: +4 vs Control.

In the scientific community a regulation above 1,5 or
below -1,5 is considered significant.

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