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Highest crop productivity in organic farming.

Specific nutrient uptake and transport activator (P starvation).
Aids abiotic stress recovery.

VELTERY is the brand-new solution developed by Valagro which supports and improves the natural fertility of the soil, maintaining optimal conditions of growth
and productivity, in full respect of soil biology.
Its use is allowed in ORGANIC FARMING.*


* VELTERY is certified as fertilizer allowed in organic farming, in conformity with Reg EU 2021/1165,
bringing application modalities of Reg (EU)2018/848,
related to organic production and the labeling of organic products.

Directions for use

Focus on starvation

Starvation is defined as any process that results in a change in the state or activity of a cell or an organism (in terms of movement, secretion, enzyme production, gene expression, etc.) because of a starvation stimulus, deprivation of nourishment
( When P starvation happens, several mechanisms of P acquisition are activated to maintain physiological P concentrations.  VELTERY activates the GO-Groups and related genes involved in «response to starvation», thus contributing in activating specific nutrient uptake and transport.

  1. Response to starvation P-value:0.0008
  2. Response to topological incorrect protein
  3. Cellular response to stress
  4. Response to wounding
  5. Response to water deprivation
  6. Response to cold
  7. Response to heat P-value:0.008
  8. Response to oxidative stress
  9. Response to osmotic stress
  10. Other Biological processes
  11. Response to hypoxia

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