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Anti-stress and growth activator

Promotes vegetative growth in normal conditions as well as during environmental stresses. MEGAFOL contains a complex of selected vegetal extracts derived from special plants. MEGAFOL, applied regularly, promotes plant growth; when applied in case of abiotic stresses, its synergistic action of different active ingredients, allows the plants to quickly overcome the stress.

Directions for use

Focus on anti-stress activity:
OMIC approaches

As a result of VALAGRO research and activity, MEGAFOL is a biostimulant able to reduce the impact of abiotic stress events on crop production. OMICS approaches and field trials demonstrate that Megafol is an important, safe, and natural product able to improve plant growth and yield in crops incurring stresses.

Among the omic technologies, METABOLOMICS has also been used recently, to highlight the action of Megafol in stress conditions. It has been observed that the product is capable of modulating specific classes of metabolites, connected to the response to abiotic stress.

MEGAFOL is involved in
the activation of 127 GENES
with a change fold greater than 3 compared to the untreated test >

Among these differentially expressed genes our microarray showed that the main product the action was related to genes involved in plant stress responses. In this test, after the application of Megafol, the stress was not induced in order to verify the action of the product in normal conditions. In other tests where we applied the product and then induced stress, plants showed lower expression of related genes even when strongly stressed, due to the efficacy of the product in helping the plant to tolerate more the stress (Petrozza et al., 2004).

Focus on anti-stress activity:
OMIC approach

The phenomic approach allows a high-throughput, multi-spectrum image analysis to detect plant morphometric and physiological parameters: morphology, architecture, root development, and leaf color (via RGB, or red, green blue light images in the visible spectrum). The phenomic approach also reveals differences in the water content and other important parameters by using UV fluorescent emission and NIR – near-infrared images for photosynthetic efficiency.

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