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Advances and synchronizes bud break, achieving early and uniform ripening of fruits.

In areas where the necessary chilling requirements are not satisfied, for example due to a mild winter season, the application of ERGER allows the plant to start the metabolic processes that lead to the interruption of dormancy by advancing and synchronizing bud break.
ERGER must be associated with ACTIV ERGER to support the enhanced plant enzymatic activity.


The directions for use above are general. Target crops, varieties,
application timing and rate vary by area so refer to the label with
reference to crops that can be treated and the relevant application
rate & timing.

Directions for use

Phenomics highlights the advance and synchronization of bud break

Phenomic tests with ERGER were performed at Valagro @PHENOlab Research Center by using the Lemnatec Scanalyzer 3D digital measurement station.

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