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Increases the economical and biophysical gain per unit of water used in crop production.

TALETE is the new solution specifically developed to encourage sustainably production through proper water management both in conditions of adequate water availability and permanent or temporary water scarcity.


Apply TALETE through localized or extensive irrigation systems.
For extensive irrigation system ensure a uniform distribution of treated water.

Directions for use

A significat contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Economic or Biophysical gain from the use of a unit of water consumed in crop production.

TALETE: a step forward in water management

Composed of biomolecules of plant origin developed as per our proprietary GeaPower technology, TALETE acts directly on the plant physiology, helping the crops increase Crop Water Productivity both when water is available in adequate quantities and when there is a water scarcity, be it permanent or temporary.

Reduction of irrigation volume

Reduction of irrigation volume

Reduction of irrigation volume

Reduction of irrigation volume

The reduction of water supply is only possible with the correct soil, plant end environmental parameters. Do not consider the reduction of water amount as an ordinary practice valid in each production circumstance. The use of technical instruments is strongly advised.

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