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Ensures full attachment of transplanted or replanted plants.
Reduces the time to overcome post-transplant stress

RADIFARM was developed for applications during the transplant phase and/or in the early stages of development of various crops. It promotes the formation of rich and advanced root systems by extending the existing roots and issuing new absorbent roots.

Directions for use

microphenotyping test

Bioassay GUS on Arabidopsis thaliana. Using the GUS reporter method on Arabidopsis plants, we provided evidence that RADIFARM biomolecules modulate the concentration and localization of auxins which could account for the enhanced lateral root formation.

Plant roots treated with RADIFARM (left picture) show moderate to intense blue coloration compared to untreated control (right).

Blue color and its intensity identify the auxin signaling activation; higher perception of auxin signaling results in a more intense coloration.

The blue distribution can be seen in tissues where signaling is activated.

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